Gasoline Additive

This is the additive I use in all of my cars, especially the older ones. Many people claim there is no need to add a lubricant to replace the lead that was in our fuel when these older vehicles were manufactured. With the time and money I have invested in the engines of my cars, I believe in adding lubrication to the upper cylinder no matter what. Additionally GSL-4 gives protection against moisture, varnish, and the gums that can cause problems with the any fuel system including those with fuel injection. Many customers have reported that oxygeneated and ethanol based fuels are causing damage to the rubber products in the carburetors and fuel pumps of the older vehicles. I say why take a chance when for only few cents more per gallon I can make a premium fuel out of regular.
And I get a 10% mileage improvement over normal unleaded regular.

Gasoline as sold in the United States and other developed countries is ahighly consistent product designed to be used shortly after leaving therefinery. However, when left in fuel tanks, and fuel systems, problems occurwith even the best of this fuel. This often becomes a problem in both marineand agricultural applications.
Leaded gasoline is often no longer available in many localities becauseof environmental concerns and the use of catalytic converters. Many olderengines require leaded gasoline to reduce wear damage to vital engine parts.
Oxyenated gasoline is often required in urban areas. This also creates combustionproblems that can diminish engine performance.

GSL-4 contains compounds and ingredients that improve the performanceaspects of the gasoline as it is available today.

GSL-4 contains a complete, yet gentle detergent that cleans anddissolves milage robbing gum, varnish and carbon in the fuel lines, carburetors,injectors and combustion chamber. It inhibits buildup of new deposits andkeeps moving parts in carburetors working freely.

GSL-4 includes a surfactant that breaks down the surface tensionof water. This chemical emulsifier breaks water into microscopic particlesand disperses them into the fuel to be burned during the combustion cycle.It removes water from fuel tanks, gas lines and bulk storage tanks. Gasoline/Petrofreeze-up is eliminated when the system is rid of water. Rust and corrosionof fuel tanks, and fuel system components is greatly reduced.

GSL-4 contains a compound designed to reduce wear damage to vitalengine parts caused by unleaded gasoline/petro. The lead replacing lubricantaccomplishes the same function as lead in regular gasoline, preventing metalto metal contact between valves and valve seates. It helps piston ringsand valve stems to work freely, resulting in smoother operation, reducedwear and extended engine life. The compound assures that parts in contactwith the fuel, particularly the carburetor, will work freely. GSL-4 is recommendedfor increasing the life span of older agricultrual, commercial and marine engines that required leaded fuel .

GSL-4 includes a combustion modifier that provides a smootherpower stroke of the piston. It contributes to more complete combustion sothe engine will harness the power of the fuel more efficiently. The resultis better gasoline mileage and more power. Users report fuel savings from8 to 10 percent. Results from your vehicle will depend on the quality ofthe fuel burned and the condition of the engine.


Add 1 ounce GSL-4 to every 10 gallons of gasoline/petro. Double dosethe first few treatments to remove exisiting water and deposits. Add tobulk storage tanks before refilling, one gallon of GSL-4 to 1,280 gallonsof gasoline.

Available in quarts or one gallon containers.

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1 gallon GSL-4 Treats 1280 gallons gasoline......cost = $45.00


1 quart GSL-4 Treats 320 gallons gasoline .......cost = $15.00

+ shipping


GSL-4 may be used in all grades of gasoline/petro. It meets Federal Regulation46 FR 38582 per The Environmental Protection Agency. GSL-4 contains no methyl,ethyl or isopropyl alcohol.

Typical Properties

Specific Gravity at 60ºF. 0.797
Flashpoint 109ºF.
Viscosity (SUS@ 100ºF) 30.0 SEC
Pour Point Below -60ºF
Color Red
Initial Boiling Point 318ºF.
Final Boiling Point 418ºF.
Ash Content Less than 0.005%


Safe to handle. Store the product in a cool, dry place, away from heat,sparks or flames.


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